Naturade Sunrise Smoothie Soy Protein Shooters Recipe

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Submitted by A. Zangli of Millington, TN

4 scoops (72 grams) Naturade Total Soy Vanilla Meal Replacement, 2 cups frozen blueberries, 1 cup 100% pomegranate-blueberry juice, 1 cup skim milk, 1 ripe avocado, peeled, seeded and chopped, 1 carton (6 ounce) non-fat vanilla yogurt, 2-4 tablespoons agave nectar, depending on sweetness of berries. Combine all ingredients in blender and mix on high for 1 minute; adjust sweetness as desired. Makes approximately 4 cups of smoothie, enough for 12 two-ounce “shooters”. Super-food and antioxidant rich, these are YUMMY!

Shooters can be passed prior to a brunch, they can be nestled in ice on a buffet line or they can be pre-set on the table. Or they can be served in larger, individual servings: 4 six-ounce servings or 6 four-ounce servings. If serving individual style, save a slice of avocado for each glass and skewer it with a few blueberries for a beautiful garnish. It’s also perfect for the family on the go, just blend and pour into your favorite travel mugs!