Whey protein powders have been shown to support healthy muscle growth

Making the decision to get in shape is a step in the right direction for your health. If you’re looking to gain muscle and tone your body, regular exercise and weight training may be your answer. While exercise and strength training may work, there are other ways to support healthy muscle growth, such as whey protein powders.

What is protein?
According to Greatist, protein is a macronutrient found in a wide array of foods such as meats, dairy products, nuts and beans. Protein is made up of amino acids, which pose as building blocks of lean body tissue. One of the most popular forms of protein on the market today, according to Greatist, is why protein, which is a by-product of turning milk into cheese.

What are the benefits of protein powders?
One of the best ways to get whey protein is through a powder such as Naturade 100% Whey. This protein powder has several health benefits and is packed with essential amino acids that your body needs and comes in a variety of tasty flavors. These amino acids have been said to support athletic performance and recovery, and even may boost your immune health. Cysteine and methionine may enhance immune function through an increase of antioxidant activity and protection from cell-damaging free radicals.

Whey protein has also been studied to help aid in muscle growth. According to a study from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, over a 10-week period, one group of men took part in resistance training and were given whey protein while the others were only given a placebo. Those individuals who upped their whey protein intake had shown greater increases in fat-free mass and muscle strength.

Studies also show that whey protein could potentially help reduce hunger. In this study, Australian researchers had overweight men consume four different drinks. Those who drank the beverages containing whey had significantly reduced levels of ghrelin, which is a hormone that alerts your brain that you’re hungry.

How can I use them?
Shakes and smoothies are a great way to consume whey protein. Simply stir in two scoops of powder with milk, soy milk or juice. You could also opt to enhance the flavor and texture of your shake with crushed ice and fruit. However, protein powders can be used for more than post-workout shakes. They can also be used in cooking to add protein to sauces, soups, stews, casseroles, cereals, pancakes and muffins! It’s easy to up your protein intake when you have a protein powder like Naturade 100% Whey.