Top summer activities to keep you fit

Now’s the time to ditch the gym and take advantage of the beautiful weather outside! Sure, treadmills and dumbbells can do the trick when it comes to burning calories, but nothing else beats getting some fresh air and slimming down at the same time. Here are a few summer activities that are going to get you outside and help you stay in shape for beach season:

Beach volleyball
If you find yourself traveling to a beach this summer or are lucky enough to live near one, grab a volleyball and a few friends. Hitting around the ball and having a blast in the sun gets your heart pumping and works your arms, legs, shoulders and core all at the same time. Running in the sand also helps you burn even more calories because your legs have to work harder to move through it. When you need a break, whip up a frosty chocolate or vanilla smoothie with Naturade Total Soy. This protein powder has all of the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your body going.

Having a green thumb can translate to a toned body. You may not immediately associate tending to flowers with a workout, but all of that bending over, squatting and reaching is great for your glutes, and you may even break a sweat! Not many people can say that the result of their workout is a beautiful garden.

If you love the great outdoors, grab your hiking shoes and hit up your local trail. Bring along a few friends, a water bottle and some snacks. After walking the trail for just one hour, you’ll already have burned about 387 calories! How’s that for motivation to keep going?

Cool off during the hot summer days in your nearest lake, pool or ocean. Not only is this workout great on your joints, it can be relaxing and refreshing. Just an hour of casual swimming can burn up to 324 calories. While you’re on the water, grab a kayak to explore the area and really tone your arms.

Grab your clubs and head out to the course to polish your golf swing and tone your body. The simple act of just walking up and down the course with your clubs can burn up to 359 calories!

The best part about this activity is that it can be played virtually anywhere. All you need is a friend! Keep it casual or get a group together for an intense game of ultimate Frisbee and burn up to 272 calories in just 30 minutes.