The best summer foods for weight loss

One of the best parts of summer has to be the fresh fruit that is perfectly ripe and in season. With many days screaming to be spent on the beach, you’ll want to be in tip-top shape. Rather than being afraid of that bikini or those swim trunks, snack on these summer foods for the body you’ve always wanted:

Mangoes are a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth during the summer. Pack a few in your lunch or enjoy one on top of some oatmeal in the morning for a boost of fiber, magnesium, antioxidants and iron. Skip the juice, which is often packed with sugar, and instead bite into the real thing.

If you’re a seafood fanatic, you know that there’s nothing better than grilled shrimp. It’s a light meal that’s going to give you just the right amount of protein. Shrimp is low in fat and high in vitamin B12. Grill up a whole bunch of shrimp and toss them in a fresh summer salad with some tomatoes, avocado and low-fat cheese for a tasty meal. Be careful of the dressing you’re using, however. Stray from the creamy, heavier ones and go for a lighter vinaigrette instead.

A cool shake
There is no better way to beat the heat than with a frosty chocolate or vanilla shake. Head out to the porch with a good book and a lawn chair to soak up the sun while sipping on this sweet beverage. Avoid all of the sugar of regular shakes by instead using a few scoops of Naturade Total Soy. This protein powder has an amazing taste without all of the sugar. Instead, you’ll be getting dietary fiber, protein and 24 vitamins and minerals. Use this shake as a meal replacement to help shed the pounds fast.

Frozen grapes
Grapes are delicious during any month of the year, but when you freeze them, they make for one of the best and healthiest snacks to cool you off and keep you satisfied. The iciness of the grapes gives the fruit a sorbet-like consistency, tricking you into thinking you’re eating something much more unhealthy. The natural sweetness from the grapes may prevent you from craving calorie-filled desserts.

Biting into a fresh slice of watermelon during summer is one of the moments we look forward to most. If you know you’re going to be outside for the majority of the day, be sure to pack some watermelon. This superfruit will keep you fully hydrated. All that water in there will also help to keep you full. It’s equipped with plenty of antioxidants and amino acids to fuel your body.