Prevent runner’s knee with a joint supplement

According to Time Magazine, with each foot strike a runner takes, the knee withstands a force equal to eight times his or her body weight. This means a 150-pound person would be experiencing an impact of about 1,200 pounds with each step. It’s normal for the knee to go through natural wear and tear. Keeping your knees healthy, however, is easy with the help of a joint supplement as well as a few other key components.

Benefits of a joint supplement
FlexAid® by Naturade® is a natural and safe alternative solution to support joint comfort and mobility. Backed by science, FlexAid is the most comprehensive multi-action joint formula available today, and contains patented ingredients including Univestin®. Univestin® is a patented natural blend of two traditional plants (Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu) that have antioxidant effects on the body by helping to neutralize free radicals.*

Fast Results, in as little as 5 days*
In clinical studies, Univestin® was shown to reduce stiffness, promote joint comfort and improve mobility amongst test subjects in a little as 5 days!*

Other ways to keep your knees healthy
Keeping up your exercise regimen is actually one of the best ways to promote healthy joints. By torching calories and keeping physically fit, you’re avoiding weight gain – therefore, putting less stress on your joints. According to Time Magazine, decreased joint mobility is caused mainly by genes and risk factors like unhealthy body weight rather than the natural wear and tear of joints from physical activity.

It’s also important to maintain proper form while you’re running. Poor form can often lead to potential injury. Spark People stated that by understanding running basics like proper breathing, posture and form, you can help your performance to be more effective and decrease your risk of injury.

You’ll want to be sure that when you’re running, you’re wearing a proper running shoe that is going to offer support for the duration of your workout. Fitness Magazine recommended that you find a shoe that has not only support, but cushion as well so that each strike of the foot is a comfortable and natural one.

Flexibility is just as important as running itself. You’ll want to keep full range of motion in your extremities to prevent injury while exercising. Fit Sugar suggested especially working to stretch your hamstrings, calves and quads, as these areas can get tight for runners.

Finally, strength training is a great way to keep your knees healthy. By keeping your legs strong, you’ll be protecting against any future knee injuries. Active recommended various strength training exercises such as leg lifts, wall sits, bridges and calf raises to maintain healthy knees.