Pea protein linked to reduction in sugar cravings

Cravings. They’re all around us. In the morning, we have to choose between a chocolate donut and bran cereal. And during those late nights, that craving for sugar returns to sabotage our healthy diet. However, these sugar cravings don’t have to have an appearance in your daily life. In fact, these may be able to be halted altogether. According to a study published in the August issue of Journal of the American Dietetic Association, vegetable protein is inversely associated with being overweight.

What is pea protein?
Pea protein is a natural plant-based protein that comes from yellow peas known as split peas. These peas are packed with protein, are hypoallergenic and highly soluble, and are therefore easy to digest. What this protein does, according to studies, is help to curb your cravings for sugary snacks. Essentially, it triggers a hormone that tells your body it’s full. In other words, it may work to turn off those cravings. Dr. Oz challenged three women to try this pea protein powder. Each of them had cravings for calorie packed snacks like ice cream, cupcakes and French fries. By including the pea protein powder in their daily routine, they were able to shed hundreds of calories from their regular diets. In fact, each person on average cut out about 300 calories.

How can I get pea protein?
Pea protein is easy to fit into your diet with Naturade Pea Protein. This powder gives you all the benefits pea protein has to offer in a delicious vanilla or chocolate shake. It’s equipped with nine essential amino acids, which serve as the building blocks of proteins and support our bones, muscles and connective tissues. This powder is perfect for those who struggle to fit protein into their diet. Enjoying this beneficial powder is simple. For a tasty morning shake that may curb your cravings, mix two scoops with some milk, ice and your favorite fresh fruits.

Other ways to curb cravings
Along with pea protein powder, there are a few other tricks that may work to stop those sugary fridge raids that end up costing you hundreds of calories. If you’re one that constantly craves chocolate, Health magazine suggested collecting all of your candy wrappers in a jar instead of throwing them away. This will give you a reality check as to exactly how many sweets you’re consuming per day.

If you do give in every once in a while – which is totally normal – forgive yourself and move on. Don’t assume you’ve already thrown your healthy diet out the window and continue to binge eat. Women’s Health said that one meal doesn’t define your diet. So don’t let it!

It’s also a good idea to restock the shelves in your kitchen. When you’re on the go in the morning, one of the easiest things to grab is a sugary donut or a calorie-packed pastry. If you don’t have these items within reach, you won’t have the option to eat them for breakfast. Women’s Health recommended tossing the junk food and filling it instead with things like almonds, cheese, fruits and veggies, tuna, chicken and salmon.