Lose weight by getting to those household chores

Getting to that desired weight may be as easy as completing household daily chores like cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming the living room. Some only consider a workout to be running on the treadmill or hitting the gym to lift weights, but there are certain chores that can actually burn up to 100 calories! Tidying up the house while shedding the pounds – how's that for killing two birds with one stone? Here's how to get your house and your body in tip top shape just in time for those summer months:

Get to those dishes
Get on those rubber gloves and spend a full 60 minutes washing and drying your sink full of dirty dishes. Rubbing off those food stains and getting every plate and bowl sparkling clean is great for toning your arms. Keep your abs contracted throughout to burn even more calories. If doing the dishes for a full hour seems like a little too much to handle, put on some music or grab your laptop and catch up on your favorite shows. Burning 100 calories never seemed so easy.

Style your hair
Ladies, do you take the time to blow dry and style your hair in the morning before heading out? Well, if you don't, you may want to reconsider your routine. By holding your arms up to blow dry your locks and then using the straightener or curling iron for about 35 minutes total, you're looking at starting off your day with 100 less calories than what you woke up with. Sounds pretty good, right? Guys, unless you have long tresses, you may be out of luck on this one.

Walk while you talk
If you work at home and have to be on a conference call, use that time to walk around the house at the same time. Doing so for about 35 minutes is enough to burn off 100 calories.

Take a break
While taking a break won't shed more calories, it can help in promoting muscle growth. Whip up a chocolate or vanilla shake that contains protein powder for a low-cal meal replacement. Naturade Total Soy is low on sugar, but high in dietary fiber and delicious taste. Between toning your muscles, doing household chores and helping your muscles grow with protein powder, you'll be on your way to your goal weight in no time.

Change things up
Step into your living room and see how things can be rearranged to create a completely different look. You can easily shed 100 calories if you're moving around heavy furniture for about 25 minutes. A change in scenery, even if it's just a few pieces of furniture that have been shifted, can actually have a positive effect on your mood as well.

Grab that vacuum
Pop in a pair of headphones and go vacuum crazy. Clean every surface of your house to torch 100 calories in just one hour. With spring in our midst, this may also be a good idea to stave off seasonal allergies. You'd be surprised at how much dust is lurking in your house!