Indoor vs. Outdoor Workouts

Indoor vs. Outdoor Workouts

With the ice melting and snow in tow, it is finally time to begin the transition into spring! As the weather gets nicer you may wonder if it’s time to make the switch from indoor to outdoor workouts. The roads are getting clearer and the closed quarters of the gym may start to seem unattractive in comparison to the warm weather and sunny skies so here are some pros on working out indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Pros:

  • The Sun – Not only does the sun provide warmth and heat, it also provides Vitamin D! A fat soluble vitamin that may contribute to a healthy immune system and is necessary for strong bones can be secured for free through sun exposure.
  • The scenery – In addition to the warm weather that the sun provides, exercising outdoors comes with the perk of experiencing the outdoors and the beautiful landscapes it has to offer. Exercising outdoors is the perfect way to switch it up after seeing the same layout in your home or gym throughout the winter.
  • The energy – Studies have shown that exercising outdoors can result in an increase of energy, enthusiasm, and overall positivity.

Indoor Pros:

  • The Possibilities – Fitness centers are able to provide multiple types of equipment. The journey to getting in shape is a difficult one, and having the best tools at your disposal will be helpful. Many gyms have classes available for a number of workouts including, dance, kickboxing, and yoga.
  • The Perks –  You may want to exercise in air conditioned rooms, shower immediately after your workout, watch television on the treadmill, or even sit in the sauna to relax. Fitness centers can provide all of the amenities for a more relaxing environment.
  • The convenience – Your schedule may not permit you the ability to work out during the day when it is safe outside, but some fitness centers are open 24/7! Also, the weather can be very unpredictable, so to avoid the possibility of rain, sleet, snow, or even extreme heat the gym is a great option.

The best way to get the most effective workouts are to mix it up! Get the best of both worlds and exercise outdoors for the scenery and sun certain days and then switch it up and go to the gym and perfect that technique with the help of some experts!