Improve your child’s cold symptoms with expectorant

In the midst of cough and flu season, you don't want to be caught empty handed. Colds are sometimes inevitable, but when they do come, you'll want to be prepared in helping your child to get over routine illness fast. One of the best ways to do this is with Naturade Children's Expec, an herbal expectorant for children, which can help your child feel better and put your life back on schedule.

This expectorant contains an ingredient called guaifenesin to help support your child's recovery. According to Mayo Clinic, this is used to help clear mucus or phlegm from the chest when one is experiencing congestion from a cough, cold or flu. This ingredient essentially works to thin the mucus and provide relief. It also may help to control a cough, helping your child to sleep at night, rather than stay up coughing. Naturade Children's Expectorant is uniquely formulated for young children and has been shown to advance their recovery. With a child-friendly natural cherry flavor, this alcohol-free product may provide soothing relief they can actually notice. Included are soothing herbs like cocillana bark, peppermint and rose hips to promote a comfortable recovery process.

Other ways to improve your child's immune health
You may also speed up your child's recovery process by making sure he or she is washing the hands frequently with warm water and soap. This is especially important for children with siblings, as germs can spread quickly. Hand washing may stop germs in their tracks and prevent them from spreading further. Getting them in the habit of good hand washing habits may prevent them from routine illness down the line.

You can also help to boost kids' immune system health by sending them to bed early. According to What to Expect, children's immune systems need a good amount of rest in order to grow stronger. Getting a quality amount of sleep can increase your child's production of interleukin-1, a protein that prevents unwanted material from getting into the body through the skin.