How to protect your joints during exercise

As you age, you may find that your joints don't quite work like they used to when you were young. And even those at a young age experience joint problems, whether from improper training technique, overuse, falls or even sudden directional changes. In fact, in the USA alone, an estimated 50 million adults have less than optimal joint health. Tennis players tend to have elbow joint issues, while weightlifters commonly experience poor shoulder joint health. But no matter your age or fitness level, there are ways you can protect your joints so that you can have both comfortable and effective workouts.

Take a joint supplement
Before you hop on that treadmill or head on over to the gym, be sure to take a joint supplement like Naturade FlexAid Ultra Joint Formula. This is an easy way to promote joint comfort during workouts and even boost flexibility and mobility and support a healthy inflammation response.

Start off slow
Never jump into a workout at a super high intensity level. Doing too much too soon can make your body more prone to poor joint health. It's not just your lungs and heart that need time to gradually get used to the workout – your joints do as well. If you're planning on getting in an intense workout, start off slow and let your body warm up to give your muscles, circulatory system, ligaments and cartilage time to adapt.

Switch it up
You may have the same routine every day, seven days a week: come home from work, run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then lift weights for 15 minutes. While this is an effective workout, switching up your workout regimen can protect your body from less than optimal joint health. The same exercises work the exact same muscles and joints, wearing them down day after day. Overusing the same parts of the body can also lead to unnecessary injury. Try different cardio workouts, whether that's biking, dancing, boxing or hopping on the elliptical, to prevent poor health.

Remember to rest
Resting is just as important as exercising. This gives your joints and muscles a chance to recover and be ready for your next workout. If you're pushing yourself too hard and not giving your body the chance to rest, an overuse of joints may lead to injury or less than optimal joint health.

Wear the right shoes
What type of exercise are you doing? Is it basketball? Running? Boxing? Whatever your preferences are, there is a shoe for each type of workout. Athletic shoes are specifically designed for specific purposes. Running shoes will provide you with motion control and proper cushioning, while basketball shoes may give you more ankle support. Visit your local shoe store, where they can size you and help you pick out the right shoes that meet your exercise needs.

Maintain proper posture
Whether you're on a bike or going for a run through your neighborhood, it's important to maintain proper technique. By not having great posture or not using certain equipment in the right way, you could potentially be putting unnecessary strain on your body. Pay attention to your body when you're exercising to make sure you're exercising properly.