How can my ice cube tray help me lose weight?

There's one element in your fridge that you may be overlooking to help you get to that goal weight – and no, it's not Brussels sprouts or spinach (although those probably wouldn't hurt). This weight loss tool is located in your freezer and and stores cubes to cool of your drinks: The ice cube tray. It turns out, this plastic wonder can store much more than water. Here are a few ways this simple refrigerator staple can help you shed the pounds, just in time for summer:

With the days warming up, a cool, fresh smoothie is sounding better and better. Before the week starts, whip up a large batch of your favorite smoothie containing scoops of Naturade Total Soy. Add in your favorite fruits and fill a few ice cube trays. Stick them in the freezer for a few hours and in no time you'll have a healthy, frosty snack that you can grab when you're in a hurry – perfect for a low-cal protein meal!

If you've ever made cookies, you know how difficult it can be to refrain from eating the entire batch. After all, there's no more tempting smell than that of freshly baked cookies. Curb your temptations by baking half and scooping the rest of the dough into your ice cube trays. When you're in need for a sweet treat, pop one out and bake it without the temptation to eat 12, instead.

Ice water
You may want to add a few more ice cubes to your glass of water. Keeping your H2O ice-cold can help to spike your metabolism. Your body will have to burn more calories to heat the liquid up to core temperature. It can amp up your metabolism by approximately 50 percent. Next time you're thirsty, grab a few cubes from that ice tray and drink up! You could even puree fruit like strawberries, raspberries and pineapple and freeze them to pop into your ice water later. They're filled with antioxidants and can give your drink a refreshing boost of taste without any added sugar.

If you're known to spice up your food with natural herbs, you can actually mix your favorite herbs with vegetable broth or water and freeze them in your ice cube tray. You can then add the cube directly to a heated dish or wait for it to thaw to use it in cold dishes.

On-the-go snack
Your ice cube tray doesn't have to go in the freezer. These perfectly portioned sections are great for filling with quick snacks like nuts or cheese.