Food swaps to make for a healthier life

Sometimes, it’s the littlest of changes that can make the biggest difference in your life and overall health. You don’t have to start some fad diet or start bodybuilding to create the change you want to see. Here are a few simple swaps you can make in your everyday life to get on the way to a healthier you:

A meal replacement in place of fast food
If you’re in a hurry, your first instinct may often be to run through the drive through or pop a frozen meal in the microwave. However, you’ll be getting lots of calories and not many nutrients. Make it easy on yourself by whipping up a chocolate or vanilla shake. Naturade Total Soy is a protein powder low in calories and cholesterol and high in vitamins and minerals. With its amazing taste, you’ll be happy you swapped your meal!

Greek yogurt in place of sour cream
If you love sour cream and put it on everything from potatoes to tacos, you may want to consider cutting your calorie count significantly by using Greek yogurt instead. Plain Greek yogurt has the same cool, creamy taste with a boost of protein and much less fat.

Brown rice in place of white rice
This simple switch can give you essential nutrients that you wouldn’t be getting with white rice. It’s high in fiber and may even lower cholesterol.

Oatmeal in place of sugary cereal
While childhood favorites like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Frosted Flakes may be delicious, they’re coated with sugar and won’t give you the energy you need for the entirety of your day. Instead, reach for the oatmeal. Don’t be discouraged –  this stuff can be dressed up to be just as delicious. Top it with a bit of brown sugar or honey and fresh fruit for a tasty morning meal that will fill you up right.

Cooking at home in place of eating out
When eating out, chances are you’re not going to choose the light salad. You may go in thinking that, but when you see the menu packed with cheesy burgers and grease-laden hot wings, it’s easy to give in. Save yourself the cash and the calories by eating in.

Chopsticks in place of a fork
It can be easy to start shoveling food into your mouth when you have a fork. But if you’ve ever eaten with chopsticks, eating that amount of food in each bite is a bit more difficult. It will force you to eat slower and maybe even help you realize when you’re full.

Whole fruit in place of juice
By chowing down on a piece of fruit rather than juice, you’ll be saving yourself lots of sugar and calories. You may also stay full for longer. According to Prevention, liquid carbohydrates aren’t as filling as solids. Drinking doesn’t require as much digestion, so the body doesn’t register as full.

Nuts in place of chips
Before you plant yourself in front of the TV with a bag of chips, you may want to rethink your snack. Nuts are rich in heart-healthy fats as well as other vitamins and minerals, while chips are often packed with sodium and unnecessary calories. Stovetop popcorn cooked with canola or olive oil (without butter and with only light amounts of salt) is another great snacking option.