Changes to make in your fridge for a slimmer waist

When you're on the go or it's late at night and you're looking for a quick snack, you're likely going to gravitate to something that's right in the front of your fridge and is easy to prepare. Often, these go-to snacks are processed foods, cookies and other sweet treats. The availability of these unhealthy items may be what makes it so difficult to stay on track with a diet or stick to healthy foods. The truth is, if you have healthier foods in your fridge, you're likely to eat healthier! Here's how to transform your fridge to start noticing positive and healthy changes in your body:

Keep your produce visible
We're always being told to eat more fruits and vegetables – but that's often easier said than done, mostly because veggies and fruits are hidden in drawers in your fridge. We may forget that they're there (or simply pretend to forget) and reach for whatever may be at eye level. Instead, put your produce in a big, clear container on the top shelf of your fridge. This way, whenever you open the door, it's the first thing you see. You may grab a handful of carrots rather than some leftover macaroni and cheese. To make it easier on yourself, you could even cut up veggies and fruits and place them in clear Tupperware containers. Then you will already have fresh, cut-up fruit that is fast and easy to eat when you're hungry or on-the-go.

You could also use your fresh produce to add to a tasty protein shake for a healthy snack or meal replacement. Naturade Total Soy, available in both chocolate and vanilla, is packed with protein, dietary fiber and great taste. It will fill you up and leave you satisfied without giving you with empty calories that will only make you overindulge later.

Stock up on fueling foods
Below the fruits and vegetables, load up your fridge with foods packed with protein and calcium. Things like nuts, pickles, hummus, yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese provide your body with good fats – and many of them pair well with produce! Nuts like almonds and walnuts last for months longer when chilled in a fridge and they make for a delicious snack.

Replace sugary drinks
Replace all of those drinks packed with sugar, like soda and juices, with pitchers of water. If you find that you are looking for more taste, consider amping up the flavor of your water by adding fruit containing antioxidants to keep your immune system healthy and fuel your body. Try slices of lemon or lime, cucumbers or your favorite berries.